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Serie Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the fine art of serigraphy – a technique that produces original, hand-pulled prints. Our organization works to increase the presence of minorities in the art world.

Serie Project was founded in 1993 by Austin artist Sam Coronado and has hosted more than 250 artists to date. For more information, please visit us at
Serie Project

I recently saw this at the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago.
Really cool artwork by Delilah Montoya, 1999.
El Guadalupano // La Guadalupana
Taken from Delilah Montoya’s website (

A recent work, La Guadalupana, is a 15.5-foot photomural that was installed at the Musee Puech Denys at Rodez, France. I was invited to create an installation that would source the Guadalupe. Since a 17c-easel painting resided in the town’s cathedral, they were familiar with the icon as a religious relic. I wanted to present them the Chicano vernacular concerning the Virgin. The mural depicts a “Pinta” (inmate) standing in front of metal bars, he is wearing handcuffs, and a tattooed of the Guadalupe is on his back. Shot with an 8x10 camera, the negative holds amazing detail and blown up to 15.5 feet the pores on the back and the hairs on the arms are quite visible. It resonates as a massive projection. The intention was to return an image of colonialism’s dark side to Europe. Ultimately the piece resonated the sacred and profane. Once again Saints and Sinners theme emerged. The installation resides in the collection of the New Mexico Fine Art Museum.

Delilah MontoyaTeyolia (Heart/Energy)1993collotype17 1/8 x 15 1/8 in.Smithsonian American Art Museum

The central image of Teyolia is the Sacred Heart, a cultural icon for Chicanos that links past and present. For Montoya, it is a magical, mystical image that serves as the common ground between Spanish Christianity and the native Mesoamerican religion.

This is an amazing photo 

ARTicle: Propagating uncertainty at David Shelton Gallery: Jessica Halonen
By Haydeé Muñoz De la Rocha

Jessica Halonen
Jessica Halonen received a MFA in Painting from Washington University in Saint Louis and a BA from Kalamazoo College. Her work is in the permanent collection at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston and The Museum of Southeast Texas. She has been an artist in residence at the MacDowell Colony in New Hampshire and a Core Fellow at the Glassell School of Art, Museum of Fine Arts Houston. She lives and works in Austin and San Antonio.
Michael Menchaca
Much of Michael Menchaca’s work focuses on immigration issues. In a recent MySA interview, he said, “I try to set up a grid based on codices by ancient Mayans and Aztecs. (My work is) from that and cartoons from the modern era. I’m mixing up American culture with ancient Mexican culture. Somewhere in between is where I think the work exists.”
El Vals de las Mariposas, 2008
Alma Lopez
“A spirit, a dream, or a wish…or a hope” is how Mexican-born Chicana artist, activist, and visual storyteller Alma Lopez describes the central figure in her print El Vals de la Mariposas. This title is shared with a waltz that is commonly performed at quinceañeras, a party celebrating the fifteenth year of a young woman’s life. Along with the waltz, Lopez addresses multiple traditions with a complex symbolism that characterizes her artwork.
Alma Lopez received her BA from UC Santa Barbara (1988) and MFA from UC Irvine (1996). She created the print La Llorona Desperately Seeking Coyolxauhqui for Serie X in 2003. Lopez currently lives in Los Angeles, where she helped co-found three organizations: L.A. Coyotas, Tongues, and Homegirl Productions.
Anatomia de un angel, 2002
Aldo Valdez Bohm
Aldo Valdez Bohm earned his Bachelor of Art degree at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, focusing on sculpture and ceramics. Valdez Bohm explains that this is part of a body of work in which he explores the skeletal anatomy. Reflecting on the imagery from the Italian Renaissance composition of angels, Bohm is hoping to “understand” the physical aspect of angels.
Senorita Juice, 2012
Paloma Mayorga